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Digital Workplace - Intranet Portal Design

LTP is innovative, efficient, more future-compatible, and less expensive, without sacrificing product quality. We are able to create beautifully designed and highly scalable sites that satisfy your business needs and unlock your end user productivity. Employees use the intranet as a Digital Workplace to communicate (Skype for Business, Yammer), share marketing materials and best practices, training videos, social media, and event calendars across divisions, which builds a sense of connection across the organization. The contemporary web design is optimized for delivery points, including tablets and phones as well as PCs. Contact us today to get started.

Our Process

Our Workshop approach is focused entirely on identifying precise customer needs and subsequent planning. This encompasses SharePoint design and data migration requirements. This method yields a high quality architecture that is able to be replicated for the intranet requirements, project sites, and all other required site types for the solution. When necessary, customized code is delivered through our dedicated development partner. Lighthouse utilizes a framework development partner to create intranet portals. We design, develop, and assemble externally developed pieces, 100% internally.

Measuring Success

We are the subject of a new Microsoft Partner case study lauding the effectiveness of this approach in the creation of a successful SharePoint design practice. Our most recent nonprofit customer’s SharePoint project is the subject of another nationally published Microsoft case study. This is the new way Microsoft wants Partners to deliver SharePoint to their customers because end user adoption and satisfaction is measurably enhanced by producing SharePoint solutions in this manner. All of our SharePoint projects have been performed in Office 365. Notably, we have completed an intranet project for a large nonprofit in New York City and are currently coming out of the Workshop phase for a 700 employee company, and another with 4,400 employees. We leverage our Partner’s when necessary, but expect to perform all work internally.

SharePoint & Intranet Portal Sample; Digital Workplace

SharePoint sites provide a single infrastructure for all of your business sites.