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It’s all about being security-conscious; detecting security threats, being in control, and better locking down your organization in order to protect your business environment. Gain greater visibility and control over your Office 365 with the new Advanced Security Management service powered by Cloud App Security.

The beginning of June marked Microsoft’s release of Advanced Security Management service, a premium security product aimed at protecting companies with a trio of tools designed to learn normal verse abnormal user activity.

Advanced Security Management shows which apps are connected to Office 365, who is using them, what permissions they have, and includes:

Threat detection:
Anomaly detection policies can be enabled to alert IT of potential breaches. This detection works by scanning and evaluating user activities. Different indicators such as, sign-in failures, admin activity and inactive accounts are a few of over 70 indicators that are used to alert you abnormal scenarios.

Behavioral analytics are also used in conjunction with Advanced Security Management as part of its anomaly detection. Calculating a risk score for users by understanding how specific users typically interact with Office 365. The risk score can help determine whether or not to take further action. IT will be able to see the details of the user’s connection and decide whether or not it’s a security risk, revoking permissions if necessary with one click. In some instances, activities can be determined to be so risky that IT may want to immediately take action and suspend the user account.

Enhanced control:
Specific (and granular) activity policies can be created and customized to your environment. Some policies that IT may want to be alerted to:

  • Multiple failed log in attempts
  • Signs from a risky IP address
  • User is unusually downloading large amounts of data

Activity filters can alert IT immediately via text or email, allowing your team to look for the user’s location, IP, device type, or if someone is granted admin rights. If a behavior is determined to be risky, action can be taken immediately from this alert.

Discovery and insights:
Visualize your company’s usage of Office 365 and other productivity cloud services with an app discovery dashboard. Advanced Security Management provides an app discovery dashboard that doesn’t require installing anything on device end points, giving you greater visibility of not only Office 365 but shadow IT. Easy to use and able to detect around 1,000 applications within collaboration, mail, cloud storage, and many more; and also giving you details about the top apps in each category.

Advanced Security Management is included in Office 365 E5 and is also available as an add-on to other Office 365 enterprise plans for US $3 per user, per month. We can answer any questions you may have regarding Office 365 pricing plans, contact us today to get started or visit our IT services page for more on our cloud solutions.


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