And then came…Office Delve!

Have you heard about Delve yet? The new modern web experience within Office 365, powered by Office Graph, is sounding like a very cool and effective business intelligence tool. Delve applies machine learning to map relationships between people, content, and interactions that happen across Office 365, proactively highlighting specific information that is relevant to you based on what you are working on. Creating a single view for you to get the news you need, that is tailor-made, and important to you and your business. Follow topics relevant to your job responsibilities, company, and industry from the most credible and authoritative media outlets, blogs, journals and thought leaders. All the articles you share and comments you make on Delve will also appear in your Yammer feed without worry that your colleagues on Yammer are missing out. And, alongside your personalized suggestions, Delve shows you what your coworkers are reading and sharing as well. There is a lot going on with Delve, click here and discover more.



Delve is included in the O365 Enterprise E1 – E4 subscription plans. Getting started is easy Contact Us Now! Get more Office 365 and Azure info on our social media pages. We are industry experts!
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