Are You Searching SharePoint for Dummies?

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Here's what's coming up...

SharePoint 2016 Features

  • Hybrid - Hybrid OneDrive for Business allows users to access files through Office 365 from any device. Users can also sync files with Office 365 and share them. Hybrid search is also a new feature that allows users to access unified search results from both Office 365 and on-premises.
  • Link durability - Links to files will continue to work even if the filename or location is changed. Filenames will also be able to support some special characters that were previously blocked.
  • Capacity - Increased limits on database capacity and file sizes.
  • Zero Downtime Patching
  • Compliance - New compliance features allow for document deletion policy and in-place hold policies.
  • Device specific content - User's will have a consistent look and interface no matter what device they are using. As well as, improved mobile navigation.
  • Sharing - A share button making it easier to exchange files and content.
  • Preview - SharePoint Server 2016 document libraries will allow you to preview images and videos. Previous versions of SharePoint did not allow users to upload or download files larger than 2,047 MB, now you can configure the file size limit on a per-web app basis.

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