Back to School with SharePoint!

Do you remember the time you pulled an all-nighter to rewrite a paper because the Word document became corrupt? How about the time your professor handed you back a paper filled with markups? Even better, sending a document to the printer, which has no ink?

Microsoft Office has come a long way, and so have you. We’ve tossed out corrupt USB drives and replaced them with OneDrive, our bottomless drive that holds our best selfies and resumes. Office 365 is not our high school BFF who never made it to college, it’s our ever expanding toolkit. Office 365 with Word Online, PowerPoint Online, and Excel Online using the SharePoint platform prepares us for the workforce. Giving us a collaborative environment, minus the low ink toner, and misplaced USB thumb drives. From student to professional, SharePoint can get you to where you want to be. Collaborate on documents, produce noteworthy and powerful blogs that rival Huffington Post, using the powerful Microsoft Azure Server to host WordPress blogs.

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