Cutting Through ‘Clutter’

Office 365's Clutter feature can learn your email habits over time and filter out emails you probably don't want to see--right away...which sounds pretty good to us! The "Junk" folder we are accustomed to has been around forever filtering out spam and viruses but what about the stuff we don't necessarily want to get rid of? For example, company newsletters, automated notifications, industry publications; things we want to read, just not right away. Clutter uses machine learning to differentiate mail items that don't need your immediate attention, preventing workflow interruption. Scan the Clutter folder quickly and move any messages that shouldn't be there back to the inbox (and vice versa), Clutter will learn from this and improve for the next time. That's right, you can train it! Gain email productivity with this tool and if you need any assistance figuring it out give us a call.

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