Data Migration with Archive360

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Archive 2-Anywhere™ from Archive 360

Lighthouse Technology Partners will review your infrastructure to determine the best and fastest way possible to extract and archive your data. Using a new archiving software, Archive 2-Anywhere™ from Archive 360, we are able to do data extractions at a much faster pace than any legacy tool can. If you are currently on-premises and are thinking about moving to a cloud-based solution no other team has more experience than Lighthouse. We have expertise in migrating data systems safely and quickly from Exchange to Microsoft Office 365 and can offer you the best email archiving solution at a competitive rate.

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  • High performance migration; solid solution for retrieving information and importing to a cloud system.
  • Full data fidelity restoration including folder structure. Capture all mailbox items; email, calendars, contacts, notes and tasks
  • Message-level tracking and confirmation for compliance
  • Active mailbox migration into Personal Archives for end users
  • Inactive mailbox migration into Personal Archives for eDiscovery
  • Full preservation of mailbox content and context
  • Using Office 365 search tools, perform full text search of all active and Personal Archive mailboxes and save search results by item, or place the entire mailbox on legal hold.
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Office 365 Benefits:

  • Available across all devices
  • Less time spent managing
  • Seamless collaboration
  • Compliance and retention policies

In the Office 365 cloud environment you will have access to all mailboxes for compliance and legal discovery. An ideal solution for financial firms, healthcare institutions, law practices, and nonprofit organizations.


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We are cloud computing experts and offer the most comprehensive cloud consulting services in the Northeast. We can offer you an easy to install and setup solution, and perform your email migration quickly and accurately. Additionally we will provide you with a detailed breakdown of what was extracted. Save administrative headaches and eliminate staff time constraints today.

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