Enter Windows 10…

The wait is over and Windows 10 has graced our presence! If you have not started the download yet, Windows 10 is a big file (3 GB), allow enough time for the download to finish (most people with broadband finish in an hour or so). Despite the system settings of your device, other factors may have an affect on the upgrade including, firmware support, application compatibility, and feature support. Now on to specifics...

  • Familiar: If you haven't heard by now, Windows 10 is similar to Windows 7 and our good old friend the Start Menu is back!
  • Productive: Write or type notes directly onto webpages and share them with others thanks to Microsoft Edge. Microsoft really wants to make life easy by allowing you to browse and work at the same time.
  • Flexibility: Work across all your devices with built-in apps (Maps, Photos, Music, Mail & Calendar) and use the Windows Store to easily download free and paid content.
  • Interactive: Type, touch, write or speak to your device (Cortana will be your new best friend). Whatever you choose and whatever works best for what you're doing!
  • Secure: Windows Hello allows your device to make sure you are you. You are the password, providing extra security across all your devices.

When it comes to your business, Windows 10 Enterprise protects corporate identities by containing them in the hardware-based secure execution environment. Device Guard and Secure Boot enables companies to block cyber attacks by only allowing devices to run trusted software. Enterprise Data Protection and Azure Rights Management also helps with security by allowing automatic data encryption.

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