Enterprise Security Solutions Designed FOR YOU!

Online hacking and cyber theft has become all too common in this day and age, from millions of personal data being stolen from Target, to the theft of terabytes of emails from Sony Pictures; we live in a world where attacks can come from anywhere.

Microsoft has evolved its products and services to confront security threats head on. From products to services, to customer engagement, Microsoft puts trust at the core of its mission and it’s up to Partners like us to execute and uphold that strong commitment.

In this mobile-first, cloud-first world employees are working on multiple devices both on-premises and in the cloud, accessing sensitive data and corporate applications using all types of devices. With an increase in mobility, comprehensive security is a must.

Windows 10, Azure, Office 365, and Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) work in tandem with each other to deliver the best security platform for our customers. Solutions are designed to help prevent loss of data, prevent hacking and cyber-attacks, and prevent the installation of malware.

What does the Microsoft security platform deliver to you?

Windows 10’s Microsoft Passport
and Windows Hello use biometrics to eliminate the need for passwords, allowing people to log in to a PC with a scan of a finger, iris, or face. Credential Guard uses virtualization to protect against hackers who use one account to gain access to the credentials of another user. Advanced Threat Analytics detects abnormal patterns and recommends changes to help protect your users. IT departments can federate identities using Azure Active Directory, in order to make signing into multiple services simple and more secure.

Enterprise Mobility Suite
provides features to help IT protect and manage corporate applications. New InTune native apps will be offered in Box and Adobe, helping to prevent accidental sharing of confidential data. Azure Rights Management also protects nearly any type of data. Starting in December, Customer Lockbox will give customers control over access to data in Office 365 and Equivio Analytics for eDiscovery.


Windows 10 Device Guard prevents the installation of untrusted or malicious code. Windows Defender offers built in protection for all Windows 10 users and Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection helps prevent users from accidentally downloading untrusted software.

It is imperative to protect your company assets and do everything you can to prevent against threats and attacks. Making sure your monitoring, antivirus, and operating systems have the latest installments of the BEST products/solutions is key. Security is an ongoing project but Lighthouse can work closely with you to make sure the right solutions are in place for your environment. Trust the technology, and trust us to get the job done!

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