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Working with others is taking a new road with GigJam. At this years Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) the new collaboration tool, GigJam, was introduced. This new platform allows users to summon the information they need on to one canvas, connecting relevant apps you need to get your task done. Users can use simple gestures and voice commands to divvy up tasks and mark up their canvas of information for sharing with individuals. Productivity reaches a new level with GigJam as it takes on task work, allowing people to delegate specific information, share, and involve others in completing tasks. The owner of the gig creates a canvas and connects relevant applications, circling the areas that he wants to share with another user. The user will only have access to his or her assigned task. Users can even use a playback feature to see changes made by each team member. This tool is designed for the emerging workforce, giving teams the chance to be more connected, available, and more social than ever before.

Points of interest with this amazing tool?

  • End user can be on a PC, Mac, or mobile device.
  • Conversations can happen in real time with voice or video integration.
  • Simplicity; The owner of the Gig circles the components they want to share, selects the recipients and chooses the level of access they want them to have.
  • GigJam is a cloud service running on Azure. Support is expected for Dynamics, Office 365, SharePoint Online, along with some third-party applications like Salesforce and Asana


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