Internet of Things is Here!

The Internet of Things (IoT) is here today and begins with the things that matter most to your company. Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, now available to purchase, enables you to connect your devices, so you can capture and analyze untapped data across your business. With preconfigured solutions designed to address common IoT scenarios, you can quickly and confidently get started on your IoT projects, and then scale them broadly.


  1. From robotics to low-power devices, connect any asset that's important to you, across and OS and platform.
  2. Easily scale from a few devices to a few million and capture alarms and alerts from all your devices/assets.
  3. Use machine learning and take advantage of analytics to increase reliability and uptime. Spot issues before they become operational problems.
  4. Customize access to data and reports from any device so the right people have access to the right metrics in real-time.
  5. Integrate CRM, ERP, and supply chain; previously manual processes can be integrated into IoT data.

We can help you get started with your IoT platform today and have a host of small business solutions to fit any industry needs. Contact one of our cloud experts now.

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