Lighthouse Technology Partners, LiveTiles, and FedCap

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Maybe you haven’t heard of Fedcap Rehabilitation Services, but you probably know its brands, which include organizations such as Easter Seals New York. Throughout its varied services, Fedcap creates opportunities to help people with physical, developmental, and psychological barriers move toward economic independence.

Fedcap’s consistent vision and strategic focus are paying off in a big way. From just a couple of New York City offices a few years ago, Fedcap now provides its services to 80,000 people a year from 18 sites that stretch from New England to Washington D.C. The rapid growth has come both organically and through acquisition.

More growth, more worries
Anyone who’s worked for a rapidly expanding organization knows that growth must be tended carefully, like a garden. At Fedcap, executives worried about how to integrate new employees, foster collaboration, and help everyone to feel that they were part of one organization.

“That’s the classic reason to build an intranet,” says Richard Matist, Director of Information Technology at Fedcap, who was tasked with building one for the enterprise. Servers were purchased, design work began—and then the project ran into trouble. “This was a resource-intensive project and it turned out that the resources weren’t available.” It’s a familiar problem to many enterprises.

“The perfect combination for us”
But today, Fedcap has a stunning, powerful intranet that wins raves from throughout the organization. What changed? Matist and Fedcap tried again, this time with the aid of technology provider Lighthouse Technology Partners and a new technology, called LiveTiles, that runs on Microsoft Office 365.

“Lighthouse, LiveTiles, and Microsoft were the perfect combination for us,” says Matist. “It was fairly quick and easy to create an initial design, and just as simple to change it on the fly to address stakeholder concerns. It had all the functionality we needed in pre-built components. And because it is based on Office 365, it addressed our infrastructure needs, particularly for mobility and security.”

Covers 5X as many employees for 25% of the cost
Matist estimates that Fedcap’s new intranet covers five times as many employees as the organization planned to cover with its original intranet. It also provides more powerful capabilities than that original—and costs just 25 percent as much.

“Lighthouse showed us how to use Office 365 and LiveTiles to do more than we’d envisioned for less than we thought possible,” he says. “We have a collaboration solution, a business continuity solution, and a compliance solution—and it’s all affordable. We could never have done this before.”

Employees use the intranet to share marketing materials and best practices, videos, social media, and event calendars across divisions, which builds a sense of connection across the organization. At the same time, each Fedcap brand has a dedicated site for its own resources and deliverables. The contemporary web design is optimized for Fedcap’s multiple delivery points, including tablets and phones as well as PCs.

There is one complaint.
“The feedback we’re getting on our new intranet is uniformly positive,” says Matist. “Everyone loves the look and feel and finds it easy to navigate and use. The only complaint I hear is, ‘why didn’t we have this years ago?’”

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