Simplicity in SharePoint

Our team of SharePoint experts are pro’s at taking complex business process’ and requirements and building SharePoint solutions for them that help drive your business productivity forward. Empower your workforce by putting the information they need at their fingertips. The User Experience of an intranet portal is proven to be the foundation of a successful deployment and Lighthouse will help you build the portal of your dreams by leveraging LiveTiles UI and the power of SharePoint.

LiveTiles provides business continuity with Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365 and Microsoft Azure compatibility. LiveTiles Build helps to plan your information architecture from the ground up and removes the overhead of mastering SharePoint before you can even begin deploying. It simply guides you through a series of natural language statements before converting your responses into code and generating the site architecture. Designed to help non-SharePoint experts unlock the tool’s collaboration capabilities faster, LiveTiles Build simply installs into an Office 365 App catalog. It can create sites, sub-sites, standard lists and libraries and SharePoint security groups.

Built upon simple ‘drag and drop’ functionality, LiveTiles excites end users by offering a workplace technology experience that mirrors the convenience of real-world interactions. LiveTiles Design is the leading user interface design tool for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. Easy to use and update, LiveTiles Design is able to release the value of Microsoft technology for your business, while simplifying project deployment. LiveTiles Design for SharePoint and Office 365 comes with everything you need to empower and engage users out-of-the-box. It’s loaded with dozens of pre-configured tiles and apps, from document, task and calendar lists sourced from SharePoint, to integrated Yammer feeds, news and image carousels, video player and a range of flexible, easy to customize web parts.

Every project gets the same hands on approach with our Intranet Workshop Program. This consists of several meetings with key stakeholders and decision makers to get into the core requirements and desired functionality of the portal that will bring the greatest success to the deployment.

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Supercharge productivity by creating a thriving online culture and home for real-time social collaboration.


Turn any content or site manager into a LiveTiles jedi with just 30 minutes of training


Create mobile sites in minutes and keep up with your employees in this always-on, mobile-first world.

CONNECT YOUR TOOLS Create role-based views of your business with single-click access to everything users need.


Easily customize your LiveTiles environment to include features or functionality that is unique to your business.

IMPROVE YOUR UX LIFE Keep users engaged by changing up site UX and content in just a few clicks, drags or touches.

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