Office 365 Groups

Easily connect with co-workers and be more productive with Office 365 Groups. Sharing information and collaborating across different teams AND with all the information and applications you need is now possible with Office 365 groups. This collaboration tool brings together your lists in Skype, groups in Yammer, and distribution groups in Outlook all in one place. A single identity enables group members to access all the resources they need from all the apps that they use.

Quick highlights:

  • This is a cloud only tool, can work in hybrid deployments, but not in on-premise environments.
  • SharePoint Online provides a shared document library, complete with a shared OneNote notebook.
  • Users can be group owners (in charge of administering membership) or plain members.
  • Composed solely of mailboxes and does not accommodate mail contacts, mail users, and mail-enabled public folders.
  • Messages sent to a group are held in the inbox of the shared mailbox and organized as threaded conversations.
  • Users have the option to subscribe to a group and interact with the group completely via email.
  • Anyone who joins a group, automatically gains access to group information while those who leave, lose it.
  • Groups can be public or private.
  • Anyone can join a public group while requests to join a private group are moderated by the group owners.


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