Our Journey of IT Services, The Cloud, & SharePoint

IT Services in Greenwich, CT

Back in the day, 1984 to be exact, Lighthouse Technology Partners started off its journey as a computer sales and service company. Actually, the computer store side of the business still exists, Computer SuperCenter!

At first, much of our business centered on installing and servicing networked PC's for very small companies. We were early adopters of an on-premises managed service provider concept plus remote support. Then some years after that we saw this part of the business drying up and realized we had to jump on the BPOS direction. It was time to eliminate hardware installations and replace with Microsoft annuities. Because we were early into Exchange Online, we became experts in migrations and steadily began helping larger and larger customers! We started establishing ourselves as a real resource for customers at the highest technical levels because of our burgeoning knowledge of cloud technology, as well as our versatility in the breadth of on-premises disciplines (Storage, Security, Virtualization, ect...). We knew where the customer was coming from, where they needed to go, and how to get them there!

And then a few years ago, we came to the realization and capabilities of SharePoint. We knew this tool would change the way our customers would work and collaborate, and we wanted to be the catalyst for this change. But our strategy needed to be cultivated very carefully.

In the meantime...

We became experts at Office 365 and Azure, and were named Microsoft Cloud Partner of the Year in 2014, continuing to attract larger and larger companies. While our Azure cloud expertise differentiated us among the IT industry, we knew we wanted to further create our SharePoint practice, as we knew this solution would deliver a measurable business value to our customers; both old and new alike.

That's when we partnered with: LIVETILES!

The partnership with this global technology provider enabled us to build beautiful, and highly functional intranets and portals, founded on the SharePoint Online component of Office 365. And that's when we get to present day and the undeniable customer value available at hand. LiveTiles includes templates and pre-built components that allow us to respond to customer input fast and easy, giving us the versatility to individually craft each and every portal to the specific needs of your business. These beautifully designed intranets allow customers to share content, videos, event calendars, and social media; delivering seamlessly on all devices from tablets, phones, and PC's. But more importantly, these engaging portals service to foster collaboration and promote a unified company culture, on top of propelling the productivity of your organization.

We are very passionate about our partnership with LiveTiles and all that SharePoint can provide to our customers. Check out the details and see a sample portal design on our Digital Workplace page and contact us today to schedule a demo.


Modern technology and IT services from a trusted source.

Our comprehensive repertoire of IT services has helped streamline the startup process for new organizations, and has increased efficiency for those already established.
We work together with customers to modernize their use of technology, control costs, and plan for the future. We have extensive experience in Office 365, SharePoint, and Exchange Server and Cloud Migration. Our goal is to remove the distraction of technology, improve service levels, and strip out unnecessary IT expense. Along with cloud technologies, our technical support team manages the entire process from start to finish, and beyond, utilizing proprietary support methods. Please contact us with any questions you may have or email dgerstenmaier@greenwichltp.com today.
We service CT (Greenwich, Stamford, Norwalk) and NY (Westchester, White Plains, NYC - Manhattan, Long Island), as well as institutions nationwide.

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