Big Data

What is Big Data?

Data is being generated at a record speed for many organizations, in ever-escalating volumes, high velocities, and for a widening variety of unstructured formats and variable contexts. Big data can be historical (stored data) or real-time (streamed directly from the source). For big data to provide actionable intelligence or insight, not only must the right questions be asked and data be relevant, the data must be accessible, cleaned, analyzed, and then presented in a logical way.

The Importance of Big Data

Big Data Azure Cloud

Big Data: Any large body of digital information: text in a Twitter feed, to sensor information from industrial equipment, to information about customer browsing and purchases.

For most businesses, data comes in an unstructured form of emails, social media feeds, images, GPS signals, server logs an astounding rate. By using Microsoft Azure it is possible to collect and analyze big data that is generated faster and cheaper. We understand the importance of an effective BI plan and pride ourselves in bringing business and technology together to give everyone in an organization the power needed to excel. We offer a range of BI consulting solutions and expertise in many business intelligence software products. Build these solutions on-premises using SQL Server, SharePoint and Excel or simply subscribe to Power BI for Office 365 and let us manage the infrastructure. Bring all your organizations data together in one place and see its impact on your company. With a customizable big data solution everyone in your organization, no matter their role, will be in the know about what really matters, positively impacting key decisions.

When coupled with Microsoft Azure, business intelligence solutions become very cost effective and affordable, especially for small businesses and nonprofit organizations, as you only pay for what you use! Running data storage in the Azure cloud is the best option for smaller organizations who cannot afford to pay for expensive IT infrastructure to store data and perform analytic processing. It is also an excellent option for enterprise organizations who have the potential to save millions, paying for only the compute and storage used. Spin up a Hadoop cluster, analyze data, and shut it down; giving you the flexibility and scalability you need to get back to your mission.

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