Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Consultant

The right disaster recovery (DR) solution can protect your organization’s data and reputation, and more importantly, the bottom line. The ability of any organization to succeed is directly related to the productivity of its most critical and expensive assets, its employees.  Business interruptions such as fire, flood, natural/man-made disasters or even the rising frequency of severe weather can wreak havoc on the workplace and displace employees.

A variety of options can help reduce or eliminate planned and unplanned downtime for your applications, including traditional Windows Server Failover Clustering, Hyper-V live migration, and Hyper-V Replica. These capabilities can help maintain service availability and recover quickly from hardware failures. Azure Site Recovery is a cost-effective disaster recovery solution which coordinates the replication and recovery of private clouds across sites, whether protecting dozens—or hundreds—of VM’s. You can protect your applications to your own second site, a hoster's site, or even use Azure as your disaster recovery site.

Lighthouse handles the complete DR infrastructure, greatly simplifying management, reducing costs and ensuring the highest level of availability. Every Lighthouse recommendation embodies the fundamental requirements of both commercial feasibility, and accepted mainstream (not proprietary, difficult to manage) technology.

Our IT services span across many disciplines. We are a premier cloud services provider, catering customized on-premises, cloud, and hybrid cloud solutions for nonprofits, small businesses and enterprise customers. Contact us today to get started.

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