Enterprise Mobility Suite

Cloud Identity & Access Management

The Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) makes it easier for IT departments in large organizations to manage all of the devices employees carry with them (Windows, Android, or iPhone/iPad). EMS brings together access management, device management and security management, allowing IT teams to ensure assets are protected while giving employees the flexibility to install any application on the devices. Increase productivity by enabling access to corporate resources regardless of the device or location of the employee and within your existing on-premise infrastructure, including System Center Configuration Manager, Windows Server, and Active Directory, as well as cloud based solutions including Intune and Azure.
EMS is a combination of three Microsoft cloud services.

  • Azure Active Directory Premium – manages passwords for employees for Windows and for thousands of other cloud apps, and can help detect if it’s being attacked.
  • Microsoft Intune – manages and protects the mobile devices themselves, from Windows PCs and laptops to Android/iOS/Windows smartphones.
  • Azure Rights Management – can password protect the data itself so sensitive documents can’t be seen by unauthorized users.

Customers deploying 50+ paid enterprise seats may qualify for free or partial underwriting by Microsoft to the Cloud. Starting February 2016, net new Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) and/or Enterprise Cal Suite (ECS) customers who purchase a minimum of 50 seats of a single eligible SKU qualify for an investment toward driving active usage of Intune and Azure Active Directory Premium.

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