Protecting documents with Azure

How can you protect documents with Azure Rights Management?

We can all agree that data breaches or sensitive information falling into the wrong hands can be detrimental to any company. Aside from damaging a business’s reputation (or an individual’s), data breaches can be quite costly to everyone involved.

The Enterprise Mobility Suite is about protecting your company data and part of that solution includes Azure Rights Management which helps secure sensitive information and data wherever they go. For example, your company might utilize Azure Rights Management but a client outside of your firm may not. This solution protects individual files, regardless of where it goes or who tries to access it. Protection follows your document and is even protected no matter what type of device it is opened on. This level of protection is a must have regardless of the size of your company or industry (and is often times imperative for industries with strict compliance rules and regulations; HIPAA Cloud Computing).

Most document/data protection solutions and consulting surround the outside threat of a company. For example, cyber security. Online threats and cyber hackers have become more and more prevalent in this digital age and unfortunately outside gain of access to networks is something that must be of high priority as well (Learn more about Active Directory and Advanced Threat Analytics). But what about internal threats—someone accidentally sending sensitive information to the wrong people, credit card or social security number being leaked maliciously, or a proposal falling into your competitors hands?


azure rights management and data protection

If you see a document meant for someone in Atlanta showing that someone in New York attempted to open it, you will be able to take action right away.


Protection of Your Most Confidential Documents

By combining Azure Rights Management, Azure Active Directory, and Microsoft Office you can ensure the protection of your most confidential documents and files. This is an incredibly powerful feature that allows users to see who tries to open individual documents, their location, and the time at which they access it. Protecting your company and data with Azure Rights Management ensures that only authorized users will be able to access it.

  • Individually protect documents
  • Track individual documents
  • Both internal and external stakeholders can be granted access to a document
  • Active Directory can authenticate users and check their level of access
  • Users can set a content expiration on the document
  • Permissions can be set to work offline
  • Capabilities are built-in across Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and across Windows, Android, iOS
  • Fully integrates into Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite

Azure Rights Management also includes Information Rights Management to help protect data across different workloads such as SharePoint, Exchange, and Office documents by setting-up policy-based permissions rules. As well as, Office 365 Message Encryption which allows you to send encrypted emails to anyone.

What is Azure Rights Management?

Microsoft Azure Rights Management is included in the Office 365 Enterprise E3 and E4 plans and can also be purchased as a standalone with Office 365 Enterprise E1, Office Enterprise K1, Exchange Online Plan 1, Exchange Online Plan 2, and Exchange Online Kiosk. For Office 365 pricing, more information on Office 365 security, or how to get started with Azure Rights Management, contact us today.

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