Retail Edition | Windows 10 IoT

The Microsoft Azure IoT Suite can redefine your retail operation and transform your business by enabling you to:

  • Centrally monitor and manage store operations. Azure IoT Suite enables retailers to use connected devices in store to predict and alert employees to potential machine malfunctions, optimize checkout lane openings, enable managers and staff to react to suspicious behavior (shrinkage or theft), and manage store
    devices and machine-generated data remotely with new levels of control.
  • Track shelf inventory in real time. The Microsoft Azure IoT Suite provides real-time inventory visibility and enables more proactive management techniques to meet customer needs, from initial manufacturing, through shipment and stocking, to the floor and to sale, using shelf sensors, RFID tags, and price tags.
  • Wi-Fi-enabled interactive way-finding services help both employees and customers get to where they need to go.
  • Gain customer insights. With the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, retailers can use location tracking on carts, cell phones, or video cameras to analyze store traffic patterns and monitor customer behavior. When retailers combine this information with sales data, they can optimize store layout, product assortment, and inventory level.
  • Deliver personalized service. Provide customer recommendations based on preferences and past purchases and send relevant coupons and offers in real time based on their location and interests. Use location tracking to detect erratic patterns and guide customer behavior to enhance the overall shopping experience.

Windows 10 IoT editions for retail
The next generation of smart, connected devices can have a real impact on both your operational effectiveness and on how you influence your customer’s journey. It’s now up to you to determine how to incorporate these devices and connected capabilities into your business. With Windows 10 IoT devices you‘re positioned to gain a sustainable competitive advantage through the power of the latest connected device technologies. Windows 10 IoT is delivered as a service, so you can pick the edition that meets your needs, from global management of connected stores and systems to deployment of single-purpose devices like POS terminals or self-service kiosks.

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