Scheduled Proactive Maintenance Service

Networks require constant attention to maintain, secure, and optimize their capabilities. As networks become increasingly complex, the specialized skills required to manage and maintain them become more difficult to acquire and retain. IT is actually comprised of many sub-disciplines: Security, Transport, Core Infrastructure, Storage, Virtualization, etc… It is impossible for a single individual to posses all of these skills. Even with full-time IT staff, most SMB’s go outside at least occasionally to augment their capabilities.

Lighthouse Technology Partners understands that most network downtime issues are preventable. That is why we offers Proactive Maintenance programs that provide the attentive expertise required to maintain the highest levels of network performance. Proactive Service is actually one component of our Managed Service Agreement for clients that are looking to “self-insure.”  Clients take an informed risk that downtime will be minimized if they take the proactive measures recommended by Lighthouse, and performed by our Engineers. Proactive measures are performed at logical scheduled time intervals at competitive fixed rates. This service can be provided alone or combined with our 24 X 7 Network Infrastructure Monitoring Service that alerts us and initiates a billable response when necessary.

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