SIEM – Cloud Security

Security Information and Event Management

The future of cloud-based security solutions is on the rise, however, not every business is taking advantage. It is estimated that by 2019 the cost of cybercrime will soar to $2 trillion.

Vulnerabilities transcend industry and organization size, and everyone is susceptible to breaches. While there are still many on-premises security solutions, most are moving to the cloud, or into a hybrid cloud security environment. Security information and event management or SIEM technology supports threat detection and security incident response via real-time collection and analysis.

SIEM Features & Capabilities:

  • Log management: Data collection from many sources including network, servers, databases, applications, have the ability to be consolidated in order to miss critical incidents. Essentially giving you the opportunity to MANAGE EVERYTHING!
  • Correlation: Data is turned into useful information via a variety of correlation techniques that search for common attributes.
  • Alerts: Automated analysis of correlated events and creation of alerts notify users of immediate issues. Alerts can be sent to a dashboard or sent through a third party, such as email.
  • Dashboards: Event data can be turned into informational graphs/charts to help with seeing patterns or identify activity that is not forming a standard pattern.
  • Compliance: Applications can be configured to automate the gathering of compliance data, creating reports that adapt to existing security and auditing processes.
  • Retention: Long-term data retention necessary for compliance requirements.
  • Forensic analysis: The ability to search across data logs throughout different time periods, based on specific criteria.

An SIEM solution is designed to help your organization react faster and better, with automatic eyes and ears, so to speak. Having awareness within your organization of all the events and changes in your environment with intelligence and automation lets you focus on what matters most. Not only from an IT standpoint of bringing your attention to threats and risks immediately, but from a business standpoint—getting you back to your mission critical objectives.

Embracing SIEM and Log Management technology allows you to do more with less. Given the number of cyber-threats and attacks that occur daily, your organization can’t afford to risk everything with a weak or out of date security strategy. We have the expertise and knowledge when it comes to cloud security; avoid embarrassment, headaches, loss of reputation and major financial consequences, get started now.


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  1. Almost 75% of all legitimate websites have unpatched vulnerabilities.
  2. A new zero-day vulnerability was found on average every week in 2015.
  3. Unreported breaches are on the rise--include this number with the reported exposed identities of over 400M, and its estimated more than a half a billion records were lost or stolen.
  4. Spear phishing has increased 55% in 2015.
  5. Ransomware increased 35% in 2015.



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