Deploy StorSimple Hybrid Cloud Storage

With StorSimple and Azure you will be able to instantly scale storage for better performance. One of the biggest challenges facing customers, regardless of size or industry, is massive data growth and the amount of storage management work required to maintain it. StorSimple hybrid storage arrays excel at managing data growth and stopping the endless cycle of buying storage.

Deploy and support StorSimple Hybrid Cloud storage

The cloud features integrated with StorSimple gives you the efficiency of cloud technologies to on-premises enterprise storage. We can help with StorSimple troubleshooting, planning, and management. We can answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to get started.
The real benefits of hybrid cloud storage

See how IT organizations have been able to save operating costs and management time, instantly scale storage for better agility and performance, and improve disaster recovery with a hybrid cloud storage solution based on StorSimple and Microsoft Azure.

Cloud storage is used to offload inactive data from on-premises, storing backup, and archiving data
Inline deduplication and compression reduce storage growth rates and increase storage utilization
Solid state drives (SSD) deliver low-cost input/output
Instant recovery downloads only the data needed by apps for fast RTOs (recovery time objectives)
Data retention is determined by software policies instead of backup system capacity or tape rotations
Disaster recovery testing can be done without disrupting business operations
Primary, backup, snapshot, archive and offsite storage are converged into a hybrid cloud storage solution
All storage functions are controlled centrally from Azure
Automated cloud snapshots replace costly remote replication
StorSimple Virtual Appliance makes enterprise data available to VMs running in Azure for dev/test, disaster recovery testing, and other cloud apps
Data uploaded to the cloud can be accessed from other sites for recovery and data migrations

Adds an external, integrated cloud tier to two-tiered (SSD + HDD) hybrid storage designs. Used for least active data & cloud snapshot data. Supports Windows, Hyper-V, VMware and Linux servers over iSCSI connections. Up to 500 TB per array (includes cloud storage).

AES-256 encryption for data in-motion between on-premises and cloud storage and at-rest in the cloud. Also contains Azure Multi-Factor Authentication for the Microsoft Azure StorSimple Manager.

StorSimple arrays converge primary, backup, archive and offsite storage onto a unified hybrid cloud storage solution.

The Microsoft Azure StorSimple Manager is an Azure service that integrates with all 8000 series arrays in the enterprise, consolidating all operating parameters and receiving status updates.

StorSimple cloud snapshots are used instead of replace tape backup or remote replication. That means that a lot more data can be automatically protected off-site without the errors and time spent on tape or the cost of remote replication.

Only a small fraction of volume data needs to be downloaded in order to bring applications online.

Data retention is determined only by policies in the management interface and not by physical storage properties that are unreliable, such as available disk capacity or tape integrity.

The Microsoft Azure StorSimple Virtual Appliance is a service that provides on-premises-like access to data in Azure, establishing parallel access methods on-premises and in Azure.


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