Technology Advancements in Healthcare

Technology is drastically changing the healthcare industry—duh. It really doesn’t take much to prove that. Just glance any reputable healthcare website or scroll through your favorite news outlet for the latest and greatest. Or in some offices now you may have found you are signing in on their iPad and not a clipboard!

Electronic record-keeping will become universal within the next few years as physicians will face penalties from the federal government if they don’t comply. According to 2012 data by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 72% of office-based physicians used EMR or electronic record systems. This was almost a 50% jump from 2009. Even the use of prescription pads will become obsolete as doctors will have no choice but to move toward electronic prescriptions.

Even more thrilling is the concept of how your trip to the doctor’s office will be as the future of cloud computing and technological advancements continues. Doctors are increasingly communicating with patients online. Most common are digital doctor services that allow bill pay, scheduling appointments, sending lab results, and all withthe convenience of not even having to pick up the phone. Online care has also grown as patients have begun paying doctors to treat them virtually. Live chat or Web conferencing connected through a secure system also allows for real time interaction between patient and doctor.

The simplicity of migrating, cost savings, and improved access to information are a few reasons healthcare institutions are moving to the cloud. For example, HIPAA compliant cloud storage is safer than using paper documents or an on-premises server, according to research from the US Department of Health and Human Services. The recent findings discovered that the most common type of large data breach was physical theft.

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