Will Microsoft Get Market MoJo Back At Worldwide Partner Conference 2013 (WPC)?

The size of a small nation, the Microsoft ecosystem is about to converge on Houston, Texas for the 2013 Worldwide Partner Conference. Of course every year is pivotal now, as the rate of technology change accelerates. Each year in the tech field is now like a "dog year:" Seemingly seven years of change packed into 12 short months. Oh, what a difference a year can make. Just look at one year and the impact of Apple's diminishing market MoJo on Apple's stock price. For that matter look at the effect of a single week of supply chain analysis on Samsung's stock price! Today I am predicting the rebirth of Microsoft Market Mojo and here's why...

First and foremost, Microsoft is showing the industry they truly are thought leaders in the design of solutions for the enterprise. Solutions that work, and can be readily adopted to modernize the way people work together...and how IT professionals plan for, deploy, and manage the technology assets.

Most gainfully employed adults really don't have time for Facebook and all the various forms of social media. But, the very same population doesn't have the time to NOT use social media like Yammer to collaborate...okay, "talk" to each other about what we are working on. Email is quietly killing all of our productivity, and we need a better way to communicate about our work. Everyone knows this and it is up to each organization to cure. We all need to work together creating and editing our documents in the cloud, and talk about it fluidly along side those documents. And not worry about backup, and availability in our new world order of erratic and unpredictable climates. We need to manage our workflow with a tool like SharePoint. Microsoft Office 365 is the solution for students interacting with teachers about their ePortolios.

Office 365, fully deployed, is the antidote to productivity death by email in the enterprise. Nonprofits cannot afford the capital costs of elaborate infrastructure build-outs, forget about the maintenance and management required. The solutions are all here and available now. Microsoft is the only company that can be trusted to provide an integrated solution for the enterprise, now and into the future. Why? Because they are the only company that maintains this offering as their core business mission. Google's DNA is as an advertising engine. Their products are inferior, and their corporate behavior is really questionable. (Just take a look at their licensing agreements: your data is Google's data.) Only, two weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal reported that Microsoft was the only large repository of data that publicly stated the truth about providing federal government access to their customer data: Yes, when legally required, period. Google, Amazon, Apple, Yahoo, Verizon, AT&T, etc...all made false and misleading public statements regarding this issue. Who will you trust?

Prediction one: In 2014, Microsoft will establish itself as the clear winner of the business of cloud based applications delivery. Office 365 Web Apps recent availability across all platforms, all mobile, was the last piece of the puzzle to make the picture complete. Prediction two: Even more importantly, the Microsoft vision for the deployment of hybrid and full cloud infrastructures will be widely accepted in all types of business: commercial, nonprofit, education, government. Microsoft's rate of growth as a company will accelerate dramatically over the course of 2014. With little industry notice, Microsoft is delivering it's cloud infrastructure in the Azure so effectively, that bookseller, everything-seller, Amazon will (Prediction three) find losing market share a way of doing business in 2014. When the world wakes up to the incredible infrastructure virtualization power of Server 2012, deployed within Azure or AWS (Amazon Web Services), I don't see how any business manager or IT executive could possible elect an integration cobbling together 3rd party solutions (throw VMWare into that shoe along with Google and Amazon)...over the fully integrated by design enterprise solution from desktop to datacenter to cloud all delivered by Microsoft (a single company with that singular mission). Prediction five: Yes, 2014 is the year Microsoft market MoJo is back. And not in the least because of this reason: Microsoft has finally learned how to tell their fabulous story about a single operating environment for mobile, laptop, and desktop computing. Windows 8 messaging is no longer a golf swing for Microsoft: their Windows 8 television commercial are not the cryptic blather of the past. Windows 8 commercials are simple, clear, and compelling; and Google has uncannily taken over Microsoft's role of creating ads that meesage we are not sure what. So, Prediction six: Microsoft will gain market share back from Apple (except in the grandparent market), Google (except in search, advertising, and online video), and after so many fits and starts, particularly with (Prediction seven) Windows Phone 8. As the complexities of BYOD and mobile device management become more clear to enterprise decision makers, and as consumers see just how productive they can be with the many slick Windows Phone 8 devices available from so many providers. Mobile just may be the Microsoft comeback business of the year. For that matter, Microsoft no longer has to overcome their OEM partners lagging device (laptop, desktop, or mobile) designs across all user platforms.

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