Windows 10 Security Alert

Many are still waiting in line for their turn to upgrade to Windows 10 and scammers have taken full advantage of how desperate users are for the update. Scammers impersonating Microsoft have begun sending out emails that appear to be coming from a legitimate Microsoft email account including Windows 10 as an attachment. If you were to download the .zip file you would find your computer locked by a ransomware variant called CTB-Locker.

Keep these ideas in mind if you come across a suspicious email:

  • While the email is made to look like it is coming directly from Microsoft (ex: a quick look at the header may show that the message originated from IP address space allocated to Thailand.
  • The message may follow the same color scheme as Microsoft but some characters within the email may not display properly.
  • The email message may contain components that make it seem legitimate including text that says the "attachment has been scanned for viruses" and/or a disclaimer message that looks similar to email that may come directly from Microsoft:

Spammers are always looking for ways to get users to install their malicious viruses and current events (like the launch of Windows 10) affords them the opportunity to prey on the anxious! Don't be fooled!

Watch a video of this threat in action here.



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