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Recently Microsoft acquired Equivio, an eDiscovery software company that's been in the market for a little over 10 years. By the end of 2015 Equivio Zoom will be integrated into Office 365, and will have the ability to send data to Equivio Zoom from Exchange Server 2016 and SharePoint Server 2016 on-premises environments. Designed to help analyze and identify the most important data in Office 365, you will be able to search instant messages, documents, and email in real-time and get the answers you need in minutes instead of days or weeks.

How does it work?!

Well, think of being tasked with collecting data or legal hold. We're talking entire mailboxes and entire user data. That is a lot of data that needs to be sorted and reviewed. So how do you begin this task

Let's put in some keywords, right? But the problem is you may not necessarily know what you are looking for.

Keywords can be overly broad.
Keywords can be under inclusive.

And even after that, we need to start understanding the data that these keywords have generated.

Through thematic analysis and machine learning, eDiscovery has the ability to go in and actually tell you what is going on with your data without any human interaction--themes, topics, and concepts within the data itself. Further the idea of machine learning with predictive coding that actually learns what is relevant and what is not helps you get to the data faster and minimizes the amount of data that has to actually be reviewed. Machine learning then structures the data to make it easy to read and identify the documents, plus shows you the relationship between all of the data pulled (for example, document XZY is 90% similar to document ABC).

Equivio Zoom will help you analyze unstructured data (email, OneDrive, Office documents) within Office 365 and allow for increased productivity with more efficient document review.

  • No data transfers to external environments.
  • Expedited access to data you need.
  • Cost saving analytics.

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